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Kjøge Mini-By is open from May 1st - September 30th 2019


Every day 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

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Welcome to Kjøge Mini-Town.


A visit to Kjøge Mini-Town is an exciting experience to adults as well as children, and it appeals to your fantasy and imagination.
The houses are exact replicas of the houses you could see in Køge town in 1865 but built in a scale 1:10 by enthusiastic volunteers, all senior citizens.
Many of the houses can still be seen and recognised if you take a stroll in the old streets of Køge.

When you visit the Mini-Town you are welcome in the workshops where you can ensure yourself that all is handmade, that include bricks and tiles, chimneys, windows and doors as well as doorsteps and staircases.

When the town is finished it will consist of about one thousand buildings. It will take some time to get there. At the end of 2018 we have 590 buildings in place on the site.

In the harbour you can see model ships from the 19th century and as a landmark the church from the 12th century.

The adults will notice the details and the accuracy in the various models, and for most children it will in their imagination be a dolls town.

The town is situated on a wonderful site with many trees and green lawns where we provide picnic facilities as well as you will find a covered terrace for picnics.

You will find restrooms, also for handicapped as well as a heart starter which is located in the reception.

We will be looking forward to welcome visitors from all over the world. We have already had several guests from Australia, Japan, India, South Africa, North- and South America as well as most of the European countries.


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Kjøge Mini-Town.

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