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The members of Kjøge Mini Town.


Kjøge Mini Town is organized in a foundation and in an association of friends. You are always welcome to contact persons listed below for further information about the Mini Town.


The foundation Kjøge Mini-By Laug

The foundation Kjøge Mini-By Laug was established on the 16th March 1987 as a private enterprise. The workshop started in an old garage in the old town. But in the  mid-1990’es it moved to the place where it is to-day. In 1991 we were conveyed about 10.000 square meters of land and in 2013 we were furthermore surveyed 3.000 sq. m., which we 10 years back had leased for future extension of the town. The foundation is responsible to all authorities and run the administration, the planning and the fund raising.

Claus Philipsen


Claus Philipsen
Kirkestrædet 11
4600 Køge
Tel: 40114647


Steen Frederiksen
Islands Brygge 36A, 6. sal
2300 København S
Tel: 56651524


The association: Friends of Kjøge Mini-By.


The association was established in 1990, and has as an aim to support the Mini Town economically, mainly by working as volunteers. Presently there are about 700 members of which about 125 are working as volunteers in the various workshops. Some are former craftsmen but many other skills are represented. They all perform their special skills due to their jobs in the Mini Town

Sven-Erik Sandberg


Sven-Erik Sandberg
Sdr. Fælledvej 26
4600 Køge
Tel: 28138096


Børge Munk Hansen
Dybbølvej 12
4600 Køge
Tel: 56655231
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The board can be contacted by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Kjøge Mini Town mayors

In 2007 Kjøge Mini Town elected its first mayor, who was Kaj Wohlert .that back in the 1960es got the idea and later brought it through: Establishing a Mini Town in Køge. The mayor has only representative jobs and wears a silver chain assembled by silver tiles and bricks as well as an anchor chain in silver sponsored by a building firm and a local silversmith. After 2 years in office then Birte Broch the leader of the local archives was elected for another 2 years. The 3rd mayor was Jørgen Petersen managing director of a weekly newspaper. The presented mayor is Svend Madsen, who had been a member of the foundation since the beginning in 1987.

May 1. 2015 Claus Philipsen was annonced as the new mayor. At a ceremony in the square, the mayorchain was handed to Claus Philipsen.

From the 1st of May 2017 Mr. Kristian Ebbensgaard has been appionted new mayor of the Kjøge Mini-Town for the next 2 years. He has earlier been a mayor of Roskilde County as well as head of the Sealand region.
Mr. Ebbensgaard has taken over the post from Mr. Claus Philipsen and will be ambassador for the Mini-Town with various obligations during this period.
From the 1st of May 2020 Mr. Flemming Christensen has been appionted new mayor of the Kjøge Mini-Town for the next 2 years. He has earlier been a mayor of Køge County.


Kaj Wohlert Birte Broch Jørgen Petersen Svend Madsen
Claus Philipsen Kristian Ebbensgaard    


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